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We do commercial and residential paving and no job is too big or small. 

The typical steps of a paving job are as follows: 

○ The first and most step is to regrade the area to be paved 
○ Grade the area to ensure proper drainage for water runoff 
○ 2A modified stone will be added at this time to ensure a strong base 
○ The area will be treated with a vibratory roller for best compaction 
○ The asphalt material (stabilized base, topcoat, or both) will be installed with our state of the art paving machine and then rolled again with the vibratory roller 
○ Check for water runoff 
○ Advise customers to stay off of the new blacktop for three to seven days.  

The stone base carries the traffic load, and an improper stone base will cause the asphalt material to crack and rut.