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Frequently Asked Questions 
Oil spots: 

Oil spot primer will be brushed on the automotive drippings to help prevent the oil spot from bleeding through and to help the sealer stick to it. If the automotive drippings are too severe, we may suggest cutting out the bad section and replacing it with new blacktop first.  

Crack filling of cracks: 

Why can you not fill broken areas of blacktop with hot or cold crack filler? On a warmer day, crack filler tends to soften and if the blacktop has broken areas, the pieces may stick to tires and pull out. A suggestion my be made to repair this area to prevent issues later.  

To schedule work: 

Once you have accepted and returned a signed copy of the contract, we will discuss scheduling. Please remember that seal coating and crack filling are weather sensitive jobs. If we need to cancel the job due to weather, we will contact you that morning to discuss rescheduling of that job.  

When will the crew arrive? 

We sometimes have several jobs scheduled in one day, so it may be hard to give an exact time, but we will always give you as best of an estimate as possible.  

How does the crew prepare the asphalt to be sealed? 

When we arrive, we will first double check the see if you are home and have removed vehicles from the area. We will then wire broom and blow the dirt off of the asphalt. Next, we will brush on oil spot primer if needed. This is followed by filling cracks if the contract includes it. Sealer will then be brushed on and at the end of the driveway, we will put stakes and banners to prevent anyone from accidentally driving on your newly sealed area.  

While we work, we will put up a sign to advertise who did the job. When we are done, you are free to do what you want with it, leave it up for a bit, take it down, throw it away, call us to pick it up or keep it to reuse as a sign for your own advertising needs, such as a garage or car sale
How is sealer applied? 

For residential driveways, we will always brush the sealer on to the driveway, preventing the problem of overspray getting onto your home or property. If sealer does happen to get onto your property, we have product that will remove it completely for you.  

For larger areas such as parking lots, you can choose between having it applied by spraying or squeegeeing. You can opt for 2 or 3 coats to be applied as it provides a neater, more uniform appearance on higher traffic areas. 

When can we go back onto our newly sealed surfaces? 

We recommend waiting a few hours until it is dry before walking on it, the length of time will depend on sun and weather conditions that day. The area will be drivable within 24-48 hours. If there is an extreme amount of cold or hot crack filling done, we may ask you to stay off the surface a bit longer.  

Why do we see tire marks on the sealer? 

You may see tire marks or scuffing on the surface for about two weeks. When turning on new sealer, do not stop and turn the steering wheel, keep moving slowly and turn the steering wheel gently. The scuffing and tire marks should stop in about two weeks and will completely blend in.

What must I do to prepare blacktop before you arrive?  

If it is extremely muddy or dirty, we may ask that you pressure wash the surface as the sealer will not stick to a very dirty surface. If the grass is hanging over the edges, we may also ask that you cut it to make the area accessible all the way to the edges. Other than that, just be sure to have all vehicles and other items off of the blacktop before we arrive.  
​Why sealcoat on your blacktop driveway or parking lot? 

New blacktop should be seal coated one year after the paving is completed, then every three years or so depending on traffic. This gives the blacktop enough time to totally cure and harden. Seal coating it will help protect it from the elements and keep it from drying out. It will also help slow the unraveling of stones from the blacktop, and will make the area look new again, thus increasing your property's appearance and value. Seal Coating will also prevent water, automotive drippings and other similar things from seeping in and damaging the asphalt.